Taka Opening Ceremony, June 25th 1974

TAKA (formerly as IRAN AGRIPARTS) founded in 1974 at Arak with associations of Mc Coy from Australia and M.S.A. from Iran. Main activities of company at the beginning focused on wearing parts manufacturing of agricultural machines, but later expanded it to assemble CKDs of agricultural implements. Now TAKA’s product range is over 10 main categories with different production forms.

Close relationship to first class international producers and vast R&D programs are two major TAKA’s significant points. Customer’s needs, expectations and requirements engineering and management, and map them to final product is another key process in our business. Product, process and technology are engineered and managed simultaneously in TAKA.

Provide total solutions for customers instead of instruments, and focuses on mange customer relationship are strategic goals in our business.

Quality assurance and periodic 3rd part auditions are remarkable in TAKA’s production processes. All of processes controlled and inspected by Q.C. department to achieve high quality product.

 Ayatalah Araki Ave., No: 3818997831, Arak, IRAN

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