Chisel Packer TAKA 162

Chisel Packer TAKA 162

Manufacturer: TAKA

Taka Chisel Packers loosen soil without inversion so that organic materials decompose more slowly; moistured soil is not transported upwards. Since the soil surface still contains some amount of plant and stubble a good surface layer is formed. It is very effective against root propagating weeds. It can be used on extremely heavy soils where other types of tillage tools are quality and capacity wise unsatisfactory. After stubble tillage the soil surface still contains adequate amount of plant and stubble that helps to control wind and water erosion. Chisel Packers should not be used when the soil is too wet.

Model TAKA 162
Length (cm) 155
Working Width (m) 2.3
Transport Width (cm) 225
Height (cm) 135
Weight (Kg) 670
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 90
Working Depth (m) 0.35
Number of Shanks (pcs) 7
Shanks Spacing (cm) 40
Roller Diameter (cm) 220
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