Rigid Stubble Cultivator TAKA 156

Rigid Stubble Cultivator TAKA 156

Manufacturer: TAKA


  • To plough in dry  lands and irrigated farming to keep soil moisture and decrease its erosion.
  • To control weeds while rotating by fixing sweep share instead of chisel share.

Special Features:

  • It is equipped with heavy frame that formed of standard tube.
  • It is possible to fix reversible share for better penetration and break pan that is in the subsoil.
  • It is equipped with roller to harrow all clods resulted from plough.
  • It is equipped with safety shear pin system for prevent from pressure on tractor.

Roller Characteristics:

  • It is equipped with UCF bearing.
  • It is possible to adjust working depth.
Model TAKA 156
Length (cm) 150
Working Width (m) 1.9
Transport Width (cm) 200
Height (cm) 130
Weight (Kg) 620
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 75
Working Depth (m) 0.25
Number of Shanks (pcs) 5
Shanks Spacing (cm) 30
Roller Diameter (cm) 32
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