Senius Conservation Tillage

CENIUS Conservation Tillage

Manufacturer: AMAZONE

A third of all input and machinery costs on farms can be allocated to soil tillage and cultivation. Increasing prices for inputs and the once-again reduced commodity prices are exacerbating the situation even further.

When it comes to mechanization, many farms are on the lookout for a universal implement with the widest possible range of application. The solution is found in the new Cenius mulch cultivator which can be used for various purposes, from shallow stubble work right down to topsoil loosening. Thanks to different versions with varying equipment specifications, the implement can be adjusted to nearly every local condition. In conjunction with an active or passive AMAZONE sowing combination, it offers an excellent introduction to conservation cultivation methods.

Length (cm) 375
Working Width (m) 3
Transport Width (cm) 300
Height (cm) 168
Weight (Kg) 1850
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 170
Working Depth (m) 0.3
Number of Shanks (pcs) 11
Shanks Spacing (cm) 40
Roller Diameter (cm) 50
Number of Disc (pcs) 8
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