Light Cultivator TAKA 152

Light Cultivator TAKA 152

Category: Cultivators
Manufacturer: TAKA


  • To plough in dry-farming lands to keep soil moisture and decrease its erosion.
  • To control weeds while rotating by fixing sweep share instead of chisel share.
  • To be suitable for weeds while rotating by fixing sweep share.

Special Features:

  • To have thin tins to decrease required elastic forces.
  • To have anti-frictional steel tins operated heating and tempering processes.
  • To have tins as a double coil spring in 30×30 mm with reversible share.
  • It is possible to change sweep share instead of chisel share (option).
Model TAKA 152
Length (cm) 160
Working Width (m) 2.5
Transport Width (cm) 250
Height (cm) 125
Weight (Kg) 315
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 48/65
Working Depth (m) 25
Number of Shanks (pcs) 9
Shanks Spacing (cm) 30
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