Heavy Trailed TAKA 542

Heavy Trailed Harrow Disc TAKA 542

Category: Harrow Discs
Manufacturer: TAKA


For breaking clods formed as a result of plowing, likewise preparing seedbed by forming a smooth surface. Depending on and with attention to the soil moisture content heavy disc harrow can do a good job as primary tillage machines as well. A very useful machine for large especially for the Argo-industries with big scale farming.

Special Features:

  • The front gangs are equipped with notched type disc blades which are more effective in shredding and mixing the crop residue with the top soil.
  • Equipped with strong and robust chassis designed to withstand hard jobs and sever conditions.
  • Complete coverage and overlap of disc blades leaving land without any un disked part.
  • Horizontal (leveling) device gives a more uniform depth of disking, and lesser draft to the tractor.
  • Adjustable scrapers do a better job in the moist conditions.
  • Weight on each disc blade ranges from 72 to 140 kg in different.
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