Mounted Tandem TAKA 512

Mounted Tandem Harrow Disc Taka 512

Category: Harrow Discs
Manufacturer: TAKA

The 2.5 carried disk harrow is used for disking of plough lands and stubble turning on middle and light soils and irrigated lands with maximum slopes of 12and for disking in vineyards and plantation with a minimum distance between rows of 3.5m the 2.5carried disk harrow breaks up lumps makes the soil loose levels the land surface and destroys the weeds preparing the land for sowing or planting.

Also, it makes the soil superficially loose, cuts the stubble and weeds in the stubble Turing operations.

Length (cm) 165
Working Width (m) 2.5
Transport Width (cm) 250
Height (cm) 110
Weight (Kg) 585 ~ 630
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 49/65
Working Depth (m) 15
Number of Disc (pcs) 28
Disc Diameter (inches) 18 ~ 20
Disc Thickness (mm) 3.5 ~ 4
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