Cotton Stripper TAKA KP3000

Cotton Stripper TAKA KP3000

Manufacturer: TAKA

Aggressive Harvesting Power

Beneficial solution, in the cotton production, harvesting is obviously a complex, time-consuming and costly operation which depends on many factors such as row spacing, variety, weather etc. These circumstances combined with   socioeconomic issues such as value of cotton, labors etc.  and require a proper solution.
Moreover, high harvesting efficiency is critical to maintaining profitability, especially for farmers growing no irrigated crops.
KP3000 is a true and economic solution for small, medium and large producers regardless of row spacing and labor problems.

KP3000 has a stripper device for cotton picking with a platform including a set of rigid fingers. An onboard field cleaner helps to remove foreign material from harvested cotton. The independent trailed basket has a storage capacity of 2 tones.

Easy to attach, the KP3000 requires a tractor with 80hp, a 540-RPM PTO shaft, an open center SCV, and a category ll hitch. First, couple the KP3000’s drawbar to the tractor. Second, connect the SCV hoses. Finally, attach the PTO shaft and start to harvest!

In order for cotton to be ready for stripper harvesting, the crop must be dry enough so that bolls can be easily snapped off of the plant. This drying effect occurs after plants have died due to exposure to freezing conditions or it can be expedited prior to cold weather through the use of desiccant type harvest aid chemicals.

Model KP3000
Length (cm) 566
Working Width (m) 3
Transport Width (cm) 245
Height (cm) 300
Weight (Kg) 2600
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 80
Tires (ISO:4251) 700-16
P.T.O Requirement (rpm) 540
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