Round Baler R10S

Round Baler R10S

Manufacturer: WOLAGRI

The baler offers a fixed compression chamber which is completely enclosed and therefore collects and retains all the product. Most importantly the leafy substance. The chain drive guarantees a perfect rotation of the product and is ideal for balling green hay/alfalfa.

Automatic bale wrap. Adjustable tie allows you to control how much twine per bale to use.

The pick-up can be lowered further by adjusting the pick-up wheel in three different positions. The pick-up second wheel is available on request.

The 2000 series balers are equipped with a wider pick-up and harvesting augers. Ideal for medium-large size farms which demand long hours and tough conditions.

The harvesting augers enable the product to be continually loaded into the chamber resulting in a higher capacity bale.

The two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders on the roar gate reduce time necessary to open and close the chamber.

The model SUPER is different as it has a rotative packer in order to take the forage right after the pick-up and introduce it directly in the compression chamber. Obtaining an even more compacted bale. This version allows to obtain great advantages in the harvest of long crops and on large swaths. The machine is equipped also with two pick-up iron wheels as a standard.

The bale chamber is comprised of aluminum rollers which are specially designed to guarantee a consistent and perfect rotation of the bale.

Perforated wheels used for wider swath pick-up.

Model R10S
Length (cm) 340
Working Width (m) 1.8
Transport Width (cm) 225
Height (cm) 185
Weight (Kg) 1550
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 75
Tires (ISO:4251) 100-75
P.T.O Requirement (rpm) 540
Bale Size (cm) 120*120
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