Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester

Trailed Sugar Beet Harvester ROOTSTER 604

Manufacturer: GRIMME

Simple and robust, this is the formula for the development of the trailed beet harvester ROOTSTER with 4-ton overloading bunker, which are available as 6-row variant. All machine functions can be conveniently controlled via an operator terminal. All other drives are mechanical and of low-maintenance design. This does not only make it easier to carry out repairs, but also reduces the required power (from 110 kW / 150 HP). Use of the ROOTSTER as 1-phase system by using the FT 300 or FM 300 or the 2-phase system by using the BM 300. Machine setting to 45 or 50 cm row width.

Model ROOTSTER 604
Length (cm) 825
Working Width (m) 3.2
Transport Width (cm) 320
Height (cm) 400
Weight (Kg) 8400
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 136/185
Number of Rows (pcs) 6
Tires (ISO:4251) 600-60
P.T.O Requirement (rpm) 1000
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