Disc Plow TAKA 165

Disc Plow TAKA 165

Category: Ploughs
Manufacturer: TAKA


  • To be suitable for plowing in heavy soils.
  • To have better efficiency in sticky soils in contrast with other ploughs.
  • To have better efficiency in farms where the roots and crop residues a lot, in contrast with moldboard ploughs.
  • To have required power for traction.
  • To be able to regulate angle of discs for better work in various soils.
  • To have adjustable wheel of depth.
Length (cm) 170
Working Width (m) 0.9
Transport Width (cm) 120
Height (cm) 130
Weight (Kg) 400
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 67/90
Working Depth (m) 0.36
Number of Disc (pcs) 3
Disc Diameter (cm) 26
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