TAKA 254

TAKA 254

Manufacturer: TAKA


  • Plant wheat and barley in and on the furrows

Special Features:

  • Gear box is equipped with a special lock that acts only in the forward movement of the drill.
  • Seed hopper, seed box and the metering shaft are made of galvanized material. And came moving parts are from stainless steel
  • Pressure on the furrow openers adjustable by spring tension adjustment, singly or as a whole
  • Maximum utilization of land.
Model TAKA 254
Length (cm) 130
Working Width (m) 2.5
Transport Width (cm) 280
Height (cm) 130
Weight (Kg) 580
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 75
Number of Rows (pcs) 19
Row Spacing (cm) 13
Seed Hopper Capacity (Liter) 430
Tires (ISO:4251) 600-16
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