Primera DMC 3000

Primera DMC Zero Tillage Drill DMC3000

Manufacturer: AMAZONE

The Primera DMC large area seed drill is the result of the uncompromising consideration of demands and desires from farmers themselves.
This versatile large area seed drill with its unique coulter unit is ideally suited, not only for mulch and direct sowing, however, but also for sowing following the plough. The decision for choosing the most ideal establishment system in the future is no longer a question of whether a suitable seed drill is available or not, nor does the intensity of cultivation depend on factors that cannot be influenced, such as the weather. Under favorable conditions, for example, direct sowing can result in a considerable increase in yields. As an option, fertilizer can also be applied simultaneously.
So, the Primera DMC is the machine for flexible arable farming allowing farmers to choose the most suitable production method for the prevailing conditions.

Model DMC3000
Length (cm) 750
Working Width (m) 3
Transport Width (cm) 300
Height (cm) 350
Weight (Kg) 4800
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 97/130
Number of Rows (pcs) 16
Row Spacing (cm) 18.75
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity (Liter) 1000
Seed Hopper Capacity (Liter) 3200
Tires (ISO:4251) 700-45
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