19 Row with Exact Harrow

19 Row Rock No-tillage with Exact Harrow TAKA 3000

Category: Rock Group
Manufacturer: TAKA

Rock No tillage machine design for use with tractors from 75 HP to 100 HP in 2.2 meter working width.

  • Special rubber spring elements optimize the adaptation of the coulters to the ground contours, even on hard ground. They also act as an overload protection and stone release function and allow the tines to give way in three dimensions. The slight vibration of the tines in work frees the coulters of organic matter, without adversely affecting the placement quality of the seed.
  • The Rock seed/fertilizer feeder consists of threaded cylinders, bottom valves equipped with springs, and adjustable bottom plates. The feeding chambers are located on the bottom of the hopper. This solution enables maintaining a stable dosage of seed/fertilizer despite possible tilting of the machine either sideways of towards the driving direction. The feeding device is made of non-corrosive materials. The bottom valves under the feeding rollers are adjustable.
  • Seed/fertilizer dosage is regulated by adjusting the feeding roller sideways in relation to the feeding chamber with the hand wheel located on the left. The hand wheel is locked with a plastic lever, which also contains the main feeder dosage scale of 0-10. The numbers correspond to one hand wheel round.  The adjustment is read from the inner surface of the hand wheel.  The hand wheel has 10 locking positions per one turn, marked by the numbers 0-9. This amounts to a total of 100 different adjustments.
  • For dry land Rock include the press wheels and for irrigated farm exact harrow is available.
  • Rock compact dimensions are of decisive advantage, especially in difficult terrain and for transport.
Model TAKA 3000 (with Exact Harrow)
Length (cm) 130
Working Width (m) 3
Transport Width (cm) 340
Height (cm) 160
Weight (Kg) 860
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 100
Number of Rows (pcs) 19
Row Spacing (cm) 15.5
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity (Liter) 350
Seed Hopper Capacity (Liter) 350
Tires (ISO:4251) 600-12
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