Tume Nova Combi 3000


Manufacturer: TUME

Nova Combi represents the well-known, reliable TUME quality. The Nova Combi has particularly been developed for direct seeding but it is equally well suited for all cultivation conditions. The Nova Combi drops the seeds and fertilizer in the same coulter but, the double disc developed by TUME feeds them slightly separately from each other. As separate fertilizer coulter are not needed, the required tractor pulling power is up to 30% lower. The Nova Combi does more for less.

  • Large hoppers, small transportation width.
  • Familiar fluted rollers – used with a ground wheel.
  • Calibration test and emptying, easier than ever.
Model Nova Combi 3000
Length (cm) 320
Working Width (m) 3
Transport Width (cm) 300
Height (cm) 250
Weight (Kg) 3750
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 97/130
Number of Rows (pcs) 24
Row Spacing (cm) 12.5
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity (Liter) 0 ~ 3000 (Adjustable)
Seed Hopper Capacity (Liter) 0 ~ 3000 (Adjustable)
Tires (ISO:4251) 750-16
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