Chisel Plow TAKA 142

Chisel Plow TAKA 142

Category: Ploughs
Manufacturer: TAKA


  • For plowing dry lands for moisture conservation, erosion control and mixing of stubble with top soil.
  • Also controlling volunteer weeds during fallow, by replacing chisel with sweeps.

Special Features:

  • Made of strong and resistant steel, with robust chassis, equipped with depth control wheels.
Model TAKA 142
Length (cm) 135
Working Width (m) 2.7
Transport Width (cm) 250
Height (cm) 140
Weight (Kg) 380
Power Requirement (kW/hp) 49/65
Working Depth (m) 0.3
Number of Shanks (pcs) 9
Shanks Spacing (cm) 30
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